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RMPC serves as the feet of Christ through a supporting and sending missions ministry. We regularly send short-term teams to visit and work with the missionaries we support. We also support the following missionaries around the world:


Buzz & Ruthie Curtis - Central Thailand
The Curtises have been involved in church planting with OMF International since 1980. Recently, their ministry has focused on young adults. They founded the Peace Church in Saraburi, which is now assisting in leadership training and church planting in the Buddhist society around them. Saraburi, with 14 churches, is one of 76 provinces needing serious transformation in every way.

Jerry & Iris Hagelin - Tucson Child Evangelism Fellowship
Jerry is the Arizona State Director for Child Evangelism Fellowship, a Bible-centered, worldwide organization of Christians whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, disciple them in the Word of God and establish them in a Bible believing church for Christian living. Jerry and Iris organize and train leaders to run neighborhood and school Bible studies, and are also active themselves in leading Bible studies for children in Tucson schools.

Good News Club - Soleng Tom Elementary School
Our own member, Gale Brown, serves on the team that ministers at Soleng through Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Mark & Becky Leighton - Central Thailand
Since 1986 the Leightons with their three sons—Peter (1979), Andrew (1982) and John (1985)—have been part of the church-planting team in Thailand. They have brought two churches to independence from resident missionary help, and these churches are now actively involved in helping share the gospel and planting other churches in nearby towns. Becky was involved in teaching English as a bridge to evangelism, as well as helping other missionaries establish programs. Mark was teaching intensive Bible study to church leaders for leadership development in several churches. He is the regional director for OMF’s Central Thailand work and has helped form five new church-planting teams.

Mike & Erin Pettengill - Bata,Equatorial Guinea
Mike and Erin Pettengill are MTW missionaries who are starting a new work in Equatorial Guinea.  Mike is working in conjunction with IBCP, an already existing, nationally run theological seminary in the city of Bata, Equatorial Guinea. In the evenings Mike serves as a seminary professor, teaching certificate level theology classes to church leaders and pastors from the local community. Mike will teach several classes a week and up to two a night. In addition Mike will coordinate and teach the nightly chapel lessons. Mike will travel two (or more) times a year to teach multi-day theological seminars to pastors and church leaders in the interior of the country. These pastors have difficulty traveling into the city to attend the seminary, so Mike will take theological education to their home towns. Mike is also starting a discipleship and mentoring program for the students of IBCP. Erin is launching a medical and mercy ministry to a poor and sick culture. Equatorial Guinea has one of the highest HIV rates on the planet as well as one of the worst infant mortalities rates. Poverty is immense. Public water is undrinkable. Mosquito born diseases are rampant. And much of the culture places more trust in tribal witchcraft than western medicine. View an update from the Pettengills filmed in Bata. 

Luciano & Luciene Pires - Goiania, Brazil
Luciano and Luciene returned to Brazil in 2002 after completing degrees at Covenant Theological Seminary. Luciano received an M.Div. and Th.M. while Luciene earned an MA in Theological Studies. They operate a home-based Christian Institute called Colloquium in Goiania, Brazil, a city of 1.2 million people with over 20 universities which are home to about 65,000 students. Their mission at Colloquium is to present the truth of the Gospel in a way that will challenge the hearts and minds of this generation, aiming as a result to reach out to nonbelievers and to equip Christians to live all of life under the Lordship of Christ. Since the ministry started, they have had over 5,000 students in their home for lectures, discussions, meals and movie nights. Their second annual Colloquium Conference in 2007 attracted 350 people. They hope one day to open a Center for Theological Education through Colloquium to serve Brazilians and leaders from Portuguese-speaking countries, and they have very recently been joined by two good friends who will be helping them with that part of the ministry. Lu and Lu have two young children, Mila and Pedro.

Joel & Jessica Rinn - Ferrara, Italy
Joel graduated from Covenant Seminary with an M.Div. in 2003 and is ordained in the International Presbyterian Church, a small European denomination. Jessica has a BA in Bible Theology and is a native Italian. Jessica does translating and editing work for a Reformed publishing house in Italy called Alfa & Omega. After spending three years in the city of Ferrara, Joel and Jessica are now in the city of Verona, where they intend to plant a gospel-centered Presbyterian church. Verona is a fairly large city in northern Italy best known as the hometown of Romeo and Juliet. They have four children: Nicolas, Emeline, Anaelle, and Etienne.

John & Cathy Rug (MTW) - Viña del Mar, Chile
The Rugs have been involved in church-planting in Chile since 1986. Currently they are working with the Viña del Mar church planting effort. They minister the gospel to some of Chile’s “disposable” peoples, including the blind and deaf. In order to facilitate a church-planting movement that includes this largely overlooked group of disabled people, the Rugs minister to them, their relatives, and friends through a special project called CEMIPRE. This is a resource center for the uniquely-abled, in cooperation with the church-planting effort, helping the body of believers cross special needs barriers with the gospel of Christ. They have 4 children: Ana, Elena, Benjamin, and Juanita.

Luke & Marianne Evans (Christ Church) - San Antonio, TX
We are excited to partner with our former Associate Pastor, Luke Evans, as he continues the planting of Christ Church in San Antonio. 

Jerry Knight (African Bible University) - Kampala, Uganda
Jerry serves as a professor at African Bible University in Kampala, Uganda.

Providence Christian College - Pasadena, CA
Providence is a confessionally Reformed Christian liberal arts college that is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Sangre De Christo Seminary - Westcliffe, CO