WORSHIP - 10:30am (Every Sunday)


Revelation: The Triumph of the Lamb

Taught by Stu Sherard— Sanctuary


The book of Revelation is an unveiling, a vivid disclosure of invisible realities.  And yet, confronted with the bizarre imagery of the book that is often alien to our experience, we are left asking, “What in the world does this book mean?” In this class we will discover that Revelation is not some kind of secret code able to be understood only by a select few.  Instead, it is a letter whose message the Apostle John expects those who hear it to understand, take to heart, live accordingly.  Revelation gives an account of what God has already done for us in Jesus Christ his Son, what promises are yet to be fulfilled, and how we who believe in Jesus are to live in the meantime.  We will explore how to interpret it, what kind of literature it is, what it meant to the original audience, and how it equips us today for spiritual warfare.  Our goal is to have a deeper understanding of the ultimate triumph of the Lord Jesus and his Church over the Enemy and to persevere today in purity, worship, and witness as we learn to trust, love, and fear the Lord Jesus more. Note: This class will be held over two quarters.

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