WORSHIP - 10:30am (Every Sunday)

The Gospel for Real Life

Taught by Karl Bosworth and Ben  Castaneda—Sanctuary        

Starting June 3rd 

We all know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the door to eternal life, but once we’re saved, do we really need the gospel anymore?  This class presents the gospel as the power for our daily progress in holiness.  Jerry Bridges says the gospel is the very lifeblood of our walk with God day-by-day. This study, based on Jerry Bridges’ book, The Gospel for Real Life, is not a heavy theological discussion but gospel basics with some doctrine sprinkled in. This class is not only for new believers but for each of us, regardless of how long we have known Christ, we need to bathe ourselves in the gospel every day. This study will help you understand your need for the gospel and guide you to using it in your daily life.


Class #1: Audio Notes

Class #2: Audio Notes

Class #3: Audio Notes

Class #4: Audio Notes