WORSHIP - 10:30am (Every Sunday)

The Wisdom of God

Taught by Paul Jonsson—Jericho Room


This study of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon mines the Wisdom Literature not only for wise principles for living, but also for the wise person these books point to through their drama, poetry, proverb, and song—Jesus.

This class with have clear commentary and contemporary application of biblical truths found in the Wisdom Books regarding:

  • how God guides us
  • how we can make sense of our suffering and our dissatisfaction in life
  • how to deal with our fluctuating emotions, our need for security, and our longing to be loved. 

Gain a fresh perspective on the Wisdom Literature, a broader understanding of Jesus as the fulfillment of Scripture, and much more, on this journey to see Jesus in the Old Testament!


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